CowDog Media

Synder, Scarlett, and Nikko

I’ve received some friendly flak for choosing the name CowDog Media for my marketing company.

I’m asked, “What’s a cow dog?” “Is it some weird hybrid of cattle and canine?” Of course not, but that would be pretty interesting.

Wikipedia states: “The Australian Cattle Dog (or cow dog) … is a versatile breed: a courageous and tireless worker, an intelligent and athletic companion and a loving and playful family pet. They can bite ‘if harshly treated’, they tend to nip heels to herd people, and they can be aggressive with other dogs. However they are loyal and biddable, and respond well to training.“

So if you want to know what I’m like or what my marketing company‘s atmosphere is like, look to the cow dog.

I have two cow dogs (Synder and Scarlett) who claim me, and a third one who does so at least until my brother-in-law comes back home from Iraq to claim him.

And hey, BlindMonkeyMedia was already taken.

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Hello world!

Since this is the standard WordPress first post, I’ll leave the title as such.

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